ben’s table

Our unique chef’s table experience

Getting up close and personal as Ben cooks and plates the dishes.


Choose an ingredient and Ben will own unique dish, which will be added to your menu that evening.


We have wines on our list and in our cellar, that can accompany your dishes.


our table of two halves

Ben’s Table is our chef’s table offering an 9 course menu.  Seating 2-4 people, it’s priced at £110 per head for 4 people, £140 for 2 people & £135 for 3 people. 

Our counter top dining experience has Ben cooking and plating on one half of our island and on the other half, you get to watch the gastronomic theatre creations in all its glory.


‘one ingredient’

The ‘One Ingredient’ element is our theme that makes our chef’s table experience different. Prior to your dining, you will tell us an ingredient of your choice. This can be something you love, you don’t know how to cook, even something you have never had before and fancy trying! This is one ingredient for the whole table and can be savoury, meat, fish, sweet, a herb, spices, but should be seasonal. Ben will then prepare a ‘bespoke’ dish for you that evening and incorporate it as a dish into your menu.   

This is your opportunity to think outside the box – Ben will most definitely welcome the challenge!

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Ben’s Table is available to book Wednesday – Saturday evenings.

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