the menu


At maison, we offer a 8 course tasting menu, at £85pp for the food.  We don’t post a menu as it is subject to change on a daily basis, depending on what ingredients are available at the time, what Ben wants to cook and even the weather!  The ingredients we use are hyper-seasonal in that they are sourced when they are at their best. Ben wants to have full creative freedom as though you were coming to our home for dinner.  So if elements of the menu need to change on the day, it allows him to do this.

Some of the dishes will be classic and some eclectic, with his own twist and a modern interpretation of flavours, combinations, memories and shared moments.  

The key is simplicity and the rule of 3;  3 ingredients, 3 flavour profiles or 3 textures.


We have one tasting menu. Due to the nature of our restaurant, our ‘no menu’ concept and the seasonality of our ingredients, we can only cater to allergies.

However in some cases, we are able to do  vegetarian or vegan option – plus we are able to make dishes gluten or dairy free BUT we do need to know at the time of booking.  We do also respect dietary requirements due to religious reasons.

Please DO NOT say you’re ‘vegan’ if you’re not, as it isn’t just dairy!  Please note,  we ask that you are open-minded as we do not consider ‘dislikes’ a dietary requirement.

Please check our FAQs before booking.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home and having you dine with us.

Ben & Lornette