Things you might be wondering…
Why is there only one menu?

Our menus are hyper-seasonal and we like to use produce when it is at its best.  So in order to do that, it needs to be a single menu. We use fresh ingredients, and like to source locally.  Sometimes there are short seasons, where foods are only available for a limited time, so we will use it in that period.  It’s about the sustainability of produce. 

How often does the menu change?

There are no timescales, but pretty much every day!  We give ourselves the flexibility to use produce that is good on the day or will be good for the next month.  Some changes will be minor, some major, but Ben wants to have that creative flow.   If he sees something at the market that he wants to use that evening, then he wants to have the freedom to do so.

Are children allowed to dine at maison?

We are an adult restaurant, so unfortunately, the youngest age is 18yrs.

Why does everyone dine at the same time?

This is to reflect the dinner party feel and the ‘Welcome to our home…’ aspect.  Please note, you will be sitting at a table with your party.

Do you cater for allergies/dietary requirements?

We have one tasting menu. Due to the nature of our restaurant, our no menu concept and the seasonality of our ingredients, we can only cater to allergies. 

However, we are able to do a vegetarians or vegan option – plus we are able to make dishes gluten or dairy free BUT we do need to know at the time of booking.  We do also respect dietary requirements due to religious reasons.

Please DO NOT say you’re ‘vegan’ if you’re not, as it isn’t just dairy!  Please note,  we ask that you are open-minded as we do not consider dislikes a dietary requirement.

How long does the dining experience last?

We aim to finish around 23:00. However, if you want to finish with after-dinner cocktails or tea/coffee, give yourself an extra 15 mins, so you’re not rushing.  We stop serving alcohol at 00:00.

Taxi: SB Farnham Taxi Services 01252 280135

Do you have disabled access?

maison is an old, Grade II listed building.  So unfortunately, we do not have disabled toilets and some of our areas are not wheelchair accessible, due to steps and narrow walkways.

Your largest table size is 4, can I book for 5 or 6 across two tables?

Unfortunately not.  Essentially you want to dine together, so you will end up talking across the living room and swapping seats, so you can dine with your friends.  This doesn’t work for us when there are other diners. 

Do you do private hire?

Yes we do, for up to 14 people, and the menu will be bespoked. We will discuss the dishes, ingredients used, and the number of courses, and it will all be tailored to your requirements.  Please email us on: info@maisonrestaurant.co.uk for more information.

Do you have parking?

Yes we do.  If you wish to leave your car over night, please let us know as the gate is locked at night and if we go out the next day and lock the gate, you will not have access to your vehicle. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We now take a non-refundable deposit of £40 per person, which is payable the time of booking to secure your table.  If you wish to move your table, to use the same deposit, this can be done up to 7 days before your booking (by midday).   If a member of your party does not show up or you reduce the table size after midday on the date of your booking, you will be charged the full price for the food. 

This is to eliminate last minute cancellations and no-shows. 

Can I book a table for 19:45?

Unfortunately not. We aim to start serving at 19:30, so if you are late, you may miss out on some of your meal.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Unfortuantely no.

Do you allow dogs?

Unfortunately no, unless it is a guide dog.

Do you do corkage?

Sorry no.  But we have an amazing wine list and cellar with wines to complement all the dishes that we serve. http://www.maisonrestaurant.co.uk/wine-list/