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accessible dining

Nowadays, dining is fun and an experience! Ignore the past stigma of fine dining… we are welcoming you into our home, where you can sit back, relax and enjoy some “banging” food.

local produce

Ben’s principles is to champion the food producers from Great Britain. We work with Tom & Grace from Frenchman Market Farm enabling us to complete our farm to table ethos.


The menu will change in accordance to what’s in season and the best ingredients at the time. This could be monthly, weekly or daily. This goes for our veg and our meat.


ben piette

"…a place of true gastronomic essence.”

how it started…

Ben arrived in London in 1997 at the age of 19, on a one way ticket, following 3 years of catering school in the south of France.  

Unable to speak any English, he started working as a Commis chef for Café Rouge in South-East London, then moved around various restaurants in and around Central London.  His passion and thirst for knowledge drove him to working in busy, classic and modern kitchens in order to gain experience in his trade.

After meeting his wife Lornette, he moved to Surrey, working as an agency chef doing Director’s Fine Dining, and eventually ended up as Head of Hospitality at McLaren HQ, cooking for Ron Dennis, and the racing drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button plus the sponsors and VIPs.

a true masterchef

Whilst working at McLaren, Ben entered Masterchef Professionals 2010 and made it to the semi-finals, as one of the final 6.  Off the back of that, he was just looking for somewhere he could cook, so people could taste his food. 

A friend told him about a restaurant that was vacant, and the owner offered him an opportunity which enabled him to open his own place. 

From humble beginnings, he and Lornette opened up their first restaurant ‘London House’,  featured in the Michelin Guide, which they had for 10 years, starting in Old Woking, later moving to West Byfleet.

Wanting to go back to his roots, maison allows him to have total creative freedom and cook organically, asking his diners to trust what he puts on their plate.