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Ben’s ethos is to champion produce from the UK and to try and source as much of it locally as possible.   It all starts with the best quality ingredients, which makes his job easier and is the success of the end product.  ‘It’s a continuous search for complexity within simplicity”. We do not serve or sell anything we have not tried ourselves. So doing wine tastings to choose the wines for our list is a ‘chore’, but someone has to do it… you’re welcome!


Mobile Fish Company

Simon and Albert are situated at Applegarth Farm every Thursday.  They use mainly dayboat fish and shellfish. /


The Fish Shop

Based in Camberley, anything unusual and our Chef’s Table ‘fish’ requests.  Plus the suppliers of Ben and Lornette’s oyster addiction! /


Wings of St Mawes

Another one of our fish suppliers, based in Cornwall for everything fish and seafood related. They use local fishermen and day boats on the Cornish coast. /

Bello Wild Food

Substainable Foragers based in Cornwall, who forage solely for chefs.  It’s all on an app. They will put their produce on the app and you are able to search for what you want and then they send it to you, packed in biodegradable plastic.

Frensham Market Farm

It took 18 months, but now we have found ourselves a grower. Tom and Grace and their market garden farm are 15 minutes away from us in Frensham, by the ‘big’ pond. Along with the classic veg, Ben is excited by the unique varieties they grow and also have to offer, like agretti or huauzontle (waz-un-telé). Working closely with them, enables us to complete our farm to table ethos. /

Champagnes & Château

Owned by the Thienot Family, they are suppliers of some of our wines and Champagnes and are based in London.  We have been working with them for 12 years, using them also in our previous restaurant.


Graft Wine Company

Nik Darlington is our local wine expert based in Seale.  Along with Graft, UK’s leading small wine agent, he has a good selection of his wines based on our wine list and also gives us the opportunity to meet some of our wine growers in person. /



Greyfriars is located on the sunny south facing chalk slopes of the Hog’s Back at Puttenham,  just outside Guildford in Surrey.  We sell their Sauvignon Blanc Sparkling and will also be selling one of their wines by the glass from time to time.



Les Caves De Pyrene

One of our first wine suppliers, who we have been working with for 12 years.  They produce regional, the organic and biodynamic wines on our list. They are based in Pew Corner, on the other side of Guildford.


Nibbs Gin

Nibbs is a small family run business based in Surrey. We stock their Elderflower gin, which is made using freshly picked elderflower from the Surrey and Sussex countryside. /

Sherlock and Sons

Based in Ripley, we stock their Solstice, Aromatic and Nautical gin.  Lornette also uses them in her gin based cocktails and we have been working with them for over 7 years.




Farnham Honey by the Sellers family

Neil and Jacquie Sellers provide us with our honey. They have hives at various locations and have supplied us with the honey from Wrecclesham Farm and Weydon School, which is on our doorstep.


Cheese on the Wey

Cheese from the local dairy at Pierrepont Farm in Frensham.  John makes Millie, Blue Millie, Alfred, Tommy & Ben’s favourite a washed rind called Weywood.

The Cold Pressed Oil Company

Charlie provides us with our rapeseed oil and is based in Crondall,  which Ben uses for everything from cooking to dressing and dipping.


Wildcroft Dairy

Based in Puttenham, Graham and Tracey are local goat’s cheese makers and have the biggest herd of native English goats in the country. They produce raw goat’s milk, goat’s kefir, and goat’s soap…yes, soap!   You can also find Graham at all the local farmers markets.